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The Quietest Place EP

by Hannah Baiardi

The Quietest Place is celebration of self-discovery. Drawn from personal experiences and awakenings, Hannah’s first studio release features a range of collaborations, combining elements of jazz, New Age, R&B and chamber music.

Produced by Hannah Baiardi
Original music composed & arranged by Hannah Baiardi 

Recorded & Mixed by Avery Bruni, (2015-18) at the U-M Duderstadt Audio Studio.
Mastered by Eric Morgeson, 2018.
(Track 5 Mixed by Eric Morgeson)
Cover Art by Megan Wheeler
Album Design by Mike Tanner
Photography by Frederick Newing 
“The Nearness of You”- by Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington
Vocals (1) - Jasmine Tompkins
Vocals (2-4) - Hannah Baiardi
Vocals (6)- Emma Aboukasm
Alto Saxophone- Anthony Wyatt (1, 2)
Guitar- Adam Kahana (7)
Acoustic Bass - Abby Clemens (1,4), Adrian Koch, (2), Donley Nash (5) Seamus Lynch (6) 
Drums - David Alvarez III (1, 4), Mike Gardner (2), Doug Hertz (5), Aaron Ginns (6)
Flugelhorn- Noah Henriksson (5)
Flute- Merryl Monard (5)
Violin- Rebekah Ruetz (7), Janet Lyu (5), May Tang (5)
Viola- James Cunningham (5), Colton Theuer (5)
Cello- Hanna Rumora (5), Josh DeVries (5)
Harp- Bethany Lancaster (5)